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Duties and Responsibilities of Lecturers Teaching in the Language Programs

General Responsibilities: 

  • Ensure that your students reach the language objectives stated in the curricular documents (goal statements) of your program area. 
  • Plan all courses as well as individual class hours carefully with reference to program objectives.
  • Read and understand all course materials well in advance of teaching.
  • Be familiar with academic and administrative schedules and policies.
  • Be in frequent discussion and collaboration with colleagues and coordinators.
  • If you see something, say something to your coordinator and/or Language Center Director. 
  • Assist and mentor new teaching staff members and graduate students.
  • Participate in local and national professional development activities.
  • Mentor your students and encourage them to take upper-level classes and to pursue the Proficiency Notation and opportunities for study abroad.

Day-to-day Duties:

  • Prepare ahead for class.
  • Arrive to class five minutes early, set up your materials, and begin class promptly.
  • Do not dismiss class early, but instead have an extra activity or two on hand in case there is ever any extra time.
  • Hold two office hours per week per course that you are teaching.
  • Hold office hours at times convenient for your students and encourage them to visit you often.
  • Make rigorous use of office hours especially for students lagging in oral proficiency.
  • Report any instances of Honor Code violations immediately to your coordinator.
  • Report any requests for disability accommodations to your coordinator.

Group Meetings and General Meetings: 

  • Participation in meetings and placement testing is required.
  • Attend all group meetings that correspond to the course(s) you are teaching.
  • Arrive prepared and on time, and participate fully.
  • Attend all general meetings held by your language program.
  • Be available one week before the scheduled placement exam in mid-September in order to attend general meetings and other organizational meetings.
  • For the winter and spring quarters, be sure to arrange your travel schedule so that you are back in town by the Saturday before classes begin. This will help avoid difficulties that can arise from travel delays.

If you are ill or need to be absent: 

  • Class cancellation is only a last resort and should not occur more than once per quarter, if at all.
  • If you are affected by a sudden illness and cannot get to class, then notify your students via Canvas and likewise notify your coordinator and the Language Center Student Services Officer immediately.
  • If you know you must be absent for a future class, notify your coordinator immediately who will help to arrange for a substitute.  Also inform the Student Services Officer in the Language Center of impending absences.