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Modern Chinese PhD Reading Exam

We regret that we are not able to offer this exam as an option until further notice. Please choose one of the other options or email the Language Center with any questions.

Description: The intent of the Ph.D. reading exam is to assess the candidate's ability to understand secondary texts (criticism, history, analysis, etc.) in their academic field, and to assess general reading comprehension of journalistic texts that are readily accessible in the Chinese press.
The test is composed of two parts:
  • Part I consists of comprehension questions based on a recent newspaper or magazine article on a current issue. Both questions and answers are in English.
  • Part II tests the candidate’s ability to translate accurately a passage of Chinese prose into English. The passage will be a literary-focused piece selected from a current scholarly journal or book.
A few hints on translation:
  • Remember that each English sentence must make good sense. Never produce an unintelligible English translation.
  • A good translation should not look or sound like a translation. The English of the translation should correspond to English which would have been used if the thought had first been expressed in English instead of Chinese.
  • You may use a book dictionary. Please bring your own Chinese/English dictionary.
The duration of the test is two hours.
Scheduled by appointment. If you are planning to take the exam, please contact the examiner, Huazhi Wang, at to make an arrangement.