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Spanish PhD Reading Exam

We regret that we are not able to offer this exam as an option until further notice. Please choose one of the other options or email the Language Center with any questions.

The intent of the Ph.D. reading exam is to assess the candidate's understanding of secondary texts (criticism, analysis, etc.) in their academic field, and to evaluate general reading comprehension of journalistic texts that are readily accessible in the Spanish language press.

At least TWO WEEKS BEFORE THE EXAM, submit the following to Ali Miano (260-302L):

  • Two academic ARTICLES or BOOK Chapters in Spanish related to your field of study (not literary texts, nor books used for Spanish Language courses)
    • Printed copies of articles or book chapters must be placed in an envelope and delivered to Miano's or Brates' mailbox no later than two weeks prior to the exam.
    • Articles and book chapters should have been written originally in Spanish and not exist in translation in other languages.
  • Your name, department, and email address

Please note: Late articles are not accepted. If articles are not submitted on time, you must wait to take the exam in the following quarter.

This reading exam is not a translation exam, though you may be asked to translate a short key passage that is essential for the global comprehension of the text.

The test is composed of two parts: Part 1 consists of comprehension questions based on a variety of texts, generally from recent newspapers or magazine articles. Part 2 consists of comprehension questions based on an article submitted by the candidate. The intent of the exam is to assess comprehension of main arguments, cohesion of ideas, examples, references, etc.

You may use a book dictionary. Please bring your own Spanish/English dictionary if you intend to use one. Important note: Exam begins promptly at the specified time. Please arrive 15 minutes earlier.

Please contact Ali Miano ( for further information.

Exam Schedule

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