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Italian Placement Testing

To complete the placement process, you must take both the online text component and oral test. The online text component must be completed before the oral test.

Honor Code

While taking any placement test, remember that you are subject to the Stanford Honor Code and Fundamental Standard.  Specifically, you are not permitted to receive outside assistance on these examinations.  "Outside assistance" means, among other things, the use of books, notes, dictionaries, grammar books, spell checkers, grammar checkers, translation tools, cutting and pasting foreign language items from the web, and composing items in writing before speaking.

It is very important that you do your best on this exam and that you do not receive any help with it. In order to make good judgments about your language placement in Stanford programs, we need good information about your level and knowledge.

Online Text Component

This online exam represents step one of the Italian Placement Test and covers listening, grammar, and typing short answers.  Please take the online text component before scheduling your oral interview (see link and schedule below). NOTE: Oral interviews for winter placement will take place in weeks six and seven of fall quarter (10/25/21 - 11/5/21)


Important:  You will have only 60 minutes to complete the test once you log in and begin. Please allow enough time to take the entire test in a single sitting, as you cannot log out and log back in. When you are ready to take the online text component, go to the appropriate textbox below, click on the link that says "Take online test here," sign in with your SUNet ID and password, then click "Enroll in Course."

Oral Portion

Note: you must take the online text component before you take the oral test. Oral interviews for winter placement will take place in weeks six and seven of fall quarter (10/25/21 - 11/5/21)

The next step of the placement process is an oral interview. This will be a live, one-on-one interview with a certified tester, one of the instructors in the program. Please sign up for your interview using the link provided on the introduction page of the Italian placement test (link below for online text component). NOTE: At the time of your interview, you will need a photo ID, your Stanford ID number, and SUNet ID.

October 25 - November 5, 2021

Oral Portion

Please email to schedule Oral Portion.

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