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Modern Chinese Placement Testing

To complete your placement assessment, you must take both the written and oral tests. The online written portion of the placement test must be taken before the oral test.

Written Component

This online exam represents the written portion of the Chinese Placement Test and covers reading, grammar, and writing ability. The placement testing schedule and guidelines for incoming freshmen and transfer students will be posted on this webpage in June.  
Current matriculated Stanford students who need a placement test now for summer enrollment or an overseas studies program should email the Language Center at to request access to the online placement test.


The recommended time to take this online test is one and a half hours. Please allow enough time to take the entire test in a single sitting.

Test Date Location Special instructions
Spring Enrollment
1 Nov 2017 to 11 Feb 2018
Traditional Characters
Spring Enrollment
1 Nov 2017 to 11 Feb 2018
Simplified Characters

Oral Component

Note: you must take the online written portion of the placement test before you take the oral test.

Chinese uses the Simulated Oral Proficiency Interview (SOPI) developed by the Language Center and consistent with guidelines published by the Center for Applied Linguistics. This is a digital audio recorded interview with an accompanying booklet. Each interview is then assessed by trained raters.

Important note: Test begins promptly at the specified time. Doors close 10 minutes prior.

You do not need to sign up for the oral test in advance. 

Bring your Stanford ID card to the test.

Test Time Date Location
Spring Enrollment 5:30 pm Tue, 13 Feb 2018