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Constance Rylance

Constance Rylance


Lecturer and Coordinator, Graduate Summer Intensive English Program. (M.A., San Francisco State University) Connie teaches Academic Discussion, Oral Presentation, Advanced Listening, Advanced Academic Writing, Speaking and Teaching in English, and English for Business, Industry and Professional Communication as well as a methodology course for Stanford undergraduates planning to teach English in other countries. During the summer, she coordinates the Academic Orientation program, EFSLANG 688, for graduate students. She is co-editor of New Ways in Teaching Grammar (TESOL PRESS) and consults for the University Success (Pearson) oral commuication series. She has consulted for and taught writing and speaking skills in many corporate settings in the Bay Area and taught EFLfor three years in Spain. Her special interests include helping students develop interpersonal communication strategies, training international TAs and teaching TESL methodology. She is proficient in Spanish.


Kevech, A. (2018). New Ways in Teaching Grammar. (C. Rylance, Ed.). TESOL Press.