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Kenneth Romeo

Kenneth Romeo

Associate Director, Stanford Language Center, Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning - Academic Technology Innovation
Certificate, Stanford Manager Academy, Four week UHR training course. (2013)
Ph.D., Stanford University, Education (Minor: Linguistics) (2006)
M.A., Stanford University, Education (2000)
Certificate, Northwest University, Xi'an, PRC, Mandarin (1989)
B.A., Rice University, Applied Physics (1986)

After completing an undergraduate degree in applied physics, Ken went to study at Xi Bei University in the People’s Republic of China and then to Japan where he taught English for 10 years to a wide variety of students, from kindergartners to professional translators and interpreters. He returned to the US in 2000 to enroll in an MA program at the Graduate School of Education (then SUSE), and in 2006 he completed his PhD in Educational Linguistics, with a focus on foreign language learning. During the summers, he taught in the English for Foreign Students (EFS) program and did his dissertation research in the Meyer Library Digital Language Lab while teaching one summer. Eventually he taught for EFS full time as he finished his graduate program and in 2006 he was hired as the ATS for the Language Center, where he worked with the director, Professor Elizabeth Bernhardt, and the instructional and administrative staff. In 2012 he became one of three managers of the ATS program and with the transition of Academic Computing Services to the Office of the Vice Provost of Teaching and Learning, he now serves the Associate Director for the Language Center. He has continued to teach foreign graduate students in one EFS class a year, but has also taught undergraduates in the Linguistics department (LING 90), and teacher candidates in the GSE Stanford Teacher Education Program (EDUC 388A), and non-native professionals in the Continuing Studies Program (COM 23, 32 and 34).

Professional Affiliations & Activities: 
Member, American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (2006 - Present)

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