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Eiffel Tower, France by Chris Karidis

French Language Program at Stanford

French is the second largest foreign language program at Stanford with about 200 students enrolled in French courses each quarter. We offer many options to incoming freshmen, transfers, and continuing students whether you're just interested in satisfying the University Language Requirement or really motivated to learn as much as possible about France and the French-speaking world.


You will find that most of our courses rely on Internet resources and multimedia technology. Many are content-based and enable students to access a variety of disciplines such as art, music, linguistics, engineering, economics, and international relations.

We have two distinct types of French language courses at the first- and second-year levels.

  • The regular series emphasizes a full range of communicative skills including listening comprehension, oral, and written expression, reading, and grammar.
    • First-Year Courses (FRENLANG 1, FRENLANG 2, FRENLANG 3)
    • Accelerated First-Year Courses (FRENLANG 1A, FRENLANG 2A)
    • Second-Year Courses (FRENLANG 21C, FRENLANG 22C, FRENLANG 23C)
  • Oral Communication courses explore such topics as everyday life in France, French survival skills, French film, and the Francophone world.
    • FRENLANG 15 - French conversation in Everyday Life Second-Year Conversation
    • FRENLANG 30 - French conversation (Intermediate-Advanced)

Intensive courses are offered during the summer to explore the study of French.

  • FRENLANG 1A/2A: Accelerated First-Year French

Advanced courses focus on more specialized topics.

  • FRENLANG 250: Reading French
  • FRENLANG 120: Advanced Conversation: France Today
  • FRENLANG 124: Advanced French Grammar

For further information on French course offerings, please view the course listing at the bottom of the page.

French Language Resources

Coordinator & Lecturers

Marie Lasnier

Coordinator: Marie Lasnier

mlasnier [at] (Send an email)

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