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EFS Testing

English Placement Test

The English Placement Test is for incoming international graduate students who are required by Graduate Admissions to take the test. Not all incoming international graduate students are required to take the test. Those who are required will have a "To Do" item on Axess and/or will receive notification from Graduate Admissions upon admission to Stanford University. Click on the heading above for further information about the English Placement Test.

TA Screening

International graduate students who wish to be appointed as teaching assistants or course assistants must be screened by EFS for readiness to use English in a teaching role. To make an appointment, a student should send electronic mail to , indicating times during the week that he or she is not available (see the example below) and we will schedule the appointment at a time other than those between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm, M-F. Please be sure to read about the TA screening and qualifications for a waiver on on the TA screening webpage.