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Summer EFS Courses

Past Summer English Programs

All EFS programs and classes for visiting students this Summer 2021 have been canceled, including those that might have been offered online. We hope to see interested visiting students in 2022. In the meantime, we are offering two courses for those who are currently Stanford students.

During the academic year (September-June) EFS courses are restricted to current Stanford students. Summer quarter courses are open to students outside of Stanford who meet the program requirements. We offer the following programs and courses,  which are all taught at an intermediate to advanced level. 

For visiting high school, undergraduate, and graduate students attending Stanford Summer Session: EFS 683 and 684 Courses.

A collection of eight-week English courses, typically late June to mid-August, for visiting international students who have been accepted to Stanford Summer Session or the High School Summer College program. Students interested in attending these courses must apply directly to Summer Session: there is no separate EFS application for this program. 

For visiting undergraduate students from select Asian universities: EFS 687: American Language and Culture (ALC)

A four-week intensive program, typically during the month of August, run in collaboration with VIA, a private, non-profit organization based at Stanford dedicated to Asia/US public service and education. VIA recruits students from select universities in China, Japan, Taiwan, and Korea for this program. Only limited outside enrollment is possible. 

For incoming graduate students or those planning graduate study: EFS 688: Intensive English and Academic Orientation for Foreign Graduate Students

A six-week intensive program, typically early July to mid-August, in spoken and written English to prepare new graduate students for study at a US university. Separate writing classes for business, humanities/social science, and engineering/science students. The program runs from early July through mid-August. Click on the course title above for more information.

For visiting scholars at US universities. EFS 688V: Intensive English for Visiting Scholars

A six-week intensive program, typically early July to mid-Augustin spoken and written English to prepare visiting professors, researchers, postdocs and other scholars to participate in the academic culture of a US university. Click on the course title above for more information.

For current Stanford graduate students: EFS Courses for Continuing Students

During the eight-week summer quarter, typically late June to mid-Augustcurrently enrolled Stanford graduate students have courses in oral presentation and academic writing available, as well as six-week elective courses (EFS 689) and intensive English courses (EFS 688A and 688B).