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Second-Year German

In our second-year program, students further refine their language skills and develop proficiency for studying-abroad, partaking in an internship, researching, or working in a German-speaking country/place as well as further academic and professional endeavors in German. Preparation for these ends is realized with an increased focus on presentational discourse and an emphasis on upper-level language registry.
As in the first year of German study, program objectives revolve around three key axes:

  1. Presentational Objectives
  2. Interpretive Objectives: Understanding German
  3. Interpersonal Objectives: Interacting with others

Explicit explanations of these objectives pertaining to each of the three second-year courses can be referenced in our proficiency objectives and curricular documents.

Gerlang 21W, 22W, and 105. We also offer a German for Business and International Relations. For further information, please contact Bill Petig at:

For further information on Gerlang courses, please click on the Courses tab above or contact the coordinator.

Tentative Fall course syallbi can be viewed below: