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Ashkenazi Pronunciation - An Academic Workshop in Hebrew

The Ashkenazi pronunciation workshop is a joint project of Stanford University and Bar Ilan University

The participants include professors of Hebrew Literature from universities in Israel and the US. The workshop was led by Benjamin Harshav, Professor of Comparative Literature, Jacob & Hilda Blaustein Professor of Hebrew Language and Literature, and Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures at Yale University and Professor Emeritus of Literary Theory and Poetics, Tel Aviv University.  It took place at Bar Ilan on May, 20th 2008, it was not open to the public but was recorded and available online (click here for video). 

We hope that the workshop and the material posted on this website will help preserve and promote the study of the Ashkenazi pronunciation. We thank the Rena Costa Center for Yiddish Studies, the Taube Center for Jewish Studies and the Koret Foundation for their support.

Dr. Rachel Albeck Gidron, Bar Ilan University, Israel
Dr. Vered Karti Shemtov, Stanford University, California
Workshop Chairs

Links to Articles and Book Chapters:

  • Benjamin Harshav: The Rhytms of the Ashkenazi Poetry (Hebrew)
  • Rachel Albeck Gidron: Ashkenazi Pronounciation of Hebrew as a Postmodern Question (Hebrew)


The Rena Costa Center for Yiddish Studies, Bar Ilan University

The Taube Center for Jewish Studies, Stanford University


  • Amir Banbaji  
  • Anat Weisman  
  • Arik Glasner  
  • Avidov Lipsker  
  • Benjamin Harshav  
  • Boris Kotlerman  
  • Claudia Rosenzweig  
  • Dory Manor  
  • Einat Baram-Eshel  
  • Hanna Soker-Schwager  
  • Iris Milner  
  • Lilach Nethanel  
  • Michael Gluzman  
  • Michal Arbell  
  • Rachel Albeck-Gidron  
  • Roman Katsman  
  • Tamar Wolf-Monzon  
  • Vered Shemtov  
  • Yakir Englander