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Accelerated First-Year Portuguese

The objectives for first-year Portuguese revolve around the following abilities:

Interpersonal Abilities

Interpretive Abilities

Presentational Abilities

Interacting with others

Understanding Portuguese

Use language

  • to express personal meaning, recombining learned materials when talking about themselves, their daily life, and their immediate environment
  • by getting meaning from simple, sentence-length  speech about highly familiar everyday contexts, such as in video newscast, and highly-contextualized news in instructional sections



  • to give extemporaneous presentations of 4-6 minutes in length about self and immediate environment
  • to obtain and give basic information to/from speakers of Portuguese
  • to read simple, authentic texts conveying concrete information in simple, predictable, loosely connected sentences.
  • to produce simple descriptions, narrations and comparisons in all three time frames of present, past and future
  • to become acquainted with other speakers (native or non-native), and recognize the individual and cultural differences
  • to ask and answer simple questions
  • write short essays (1-3 pages) about one’s immediate environment, daily activities, and interests
  • to express personal meaning in everyday survival situations
  • to participate effectively in simple daily transactions.
  • to begin monitoring their speech for features not characteristic of formal language

The track of courses for first-year Portuguese consists of two accelerated courses:

Accelerated First-Year Portuguese 1A

Fast-paced first half of the first-year sequence. Follows a proficiency-oriented approach, emphasizing oral comprehension and production. Students will learn the language as they contrast Brazilian culture with their own. Lab required.

Prerequisite: 2 years of formal study in a Romance language (1 year for heritage speakers) or equivalent.

4 – 5 units

Accelerated First-Year Portuguese 2A

Continuation of 1A. Fast-paced second half of the first-year sequence. Emphasizes oral comprehension and production, and further development of reading and writing skills. Authentic readings, Brazilian popular music, and short authentic video excerpts provide the basis for the identification of a variety of Brazilian cultural aspects.

Prerequisite: 1A, equivalent or placement test.

4 – 5 units