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Other Courses

Other courses

These courses have been offered in the past and may be offered again in the future.

PORTLANG 193Q. Spaces and Voices of Brazil through Film

The manners in which a country is perceived and defines itself is a result of many complex forces, and involves the reproduction of social relations and complex social constructions both on the part of those who live there and those who see it from a distance. The perceptions of what Brazil is and what defines the country has changed throughout times, but has preserved some clear pervasive defining traits. This course is an introduction to the history, culture, politics and artistic production of Brazil as seen through feature films, documentaries, and some complementary readings. Movies include, among others, Banana is my Business, Black Orpheus, Olga, They Don't Use Black-Tie, City of God, Central Station, Four Days in September, Gaijin, Rio, and Linha de Passe. In English.

3-4 units

PORTLANG 164. Translating the Lusophone World

Literary and technical translation. Readings on theoretical topics in translation; discussion, analysis and comparison of existing translations (literary and technical); individual translation projects according to students' fields of study, and discussion and analysis of those projects in class. Final translation project to be undertaken individually. Prerequisite: PORTLANG 250, completion of 3rd year sequence, or consent of instructor.

3-5 units