Third-Year Attendance Policy

Stanford language classes are taught in the target language, with priority given to student production and practice. Class attendance and time on task are essential to acquiring active language skills. If students are to become proficient, they must speak with each other and with their teacher. They must read things in common and discuss those readings, and they must articulate their reactions to discussion and materials in real time.

Students who anticipate missing class during the quarter due to official University-sponsored activities or scheduled medical procedures, for example, should notify their instructor during the first week of class regarding the date(s) of expected absence(s) and the activity involved (or, in the case of medical or family emergency, as soon as they are able).

If you must be absent, you have the privilege of making up that absence for a limited number of absences, pending instructor approval. Any missed class must be made up within two weeks. No makeup sessions may be scheduled during the university end-quarter or final exam periods, i.e., after week 9 of the quarter.

Stanford Language Center Attendance and Makeup Policy