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Language Program Coordinator

Language Coordinator Responsibilities

A language coordinator is appointed by the Language Center Director for renewable three year terms.  Coordinator teaching loads are reduced by 3 courses across an academic year.  The language coordinator is the principal conduit for the communication of Language Center policies to the teaching staff and for monitoring those policies.  Coordinators are expected to hold the PhD degree and to be OPI and WPT certified.

Responsibilities include:

  • Advising the Language Center Director about enrollment trends, section cancellations, and section splits
  • Advising the Language Center Director about general staffing needs
  • Assigning courses to teaching staff members according to their expertise and programmatic need
  • Develop quarterly course schedules and (re)deliver them to the Language Center scheduling assistant in a timely fashion
  • Communicating with individual staff members about their teaching preferences for academic years and quarters
  • Convening teaching staff quarterly (at least) to review the curriculum, examine proficiency scores and so forth
  • Administering language-specific placement tests, guiding their assessment, and reporting scores and placement decisions to the Language Center administrative staff and to the cognizant teaching staff
  • Mentoring and observing all graduate student TAs each quarter throughout the academic year
  • Mentoring and observing new staff (lecturer and graduate student) members
  • Accepting student concerns and communicating them to the Language Center Director
  • Recommending language-specific curricular modifications to the Language Center Director
  • Guiding the teaching staff with respect to materials and curricular modifications
  • Delegating (in the case of large programs) responsibilities to level coordinators 
  • Communicating Language Center academic and administrative schedules and policies to the teaching staff
  • Administer graduate reading examinations where applicable