French Honor Society: Pi Delta Phi (ΠΔΦ)

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Pi Delta Phi (ΠΔΦ) is the National French Honor Society for students at accredited public and private colleges and universities in the United States. Pi Delta Phi was founded in 1906 as a departmental honor society at the University of California, Berkeley, and was admitted to membership in the Association of College Honor Societies in 1967. It currently has over 370 chapters throughout the United States, as well as chapters in Paris and Aix-en-Provence. The Stanford University chapter, Iota, opened in 1934.

Students are nominated by Stanford Language Center lecturers and DLCL faculty members based on the criteria below.


  • Completion of at least one course of upper-division (third-year) French language course and at least one French literature course
  • 3.0 GPA in French language and literature courses
  • 3.0 cumulative GPA and in top 35% of class
  • Graduating senior

Inducted 2022

Dominic DeMarco

Juan Fueyo-Gomez

Deborah J. Jantz

TaeVeon Le

Carly Taylor

Diego Alejandro Villamizar Do'Tanque

Rachel Bamihas Stutz

Inducted 2021
  • Natalie Adams-Menendez
  • Angela Amalia Marion Black
  • Isaiah Max Dawid
  • Siena Thérèse Fay
  • Acassia N Ferguson
  • Sara Grace Newman
  • Phoebe Skye Quinton
  • Spencer Aaron Segal
  • William Maxwell Smith
  • Anastasia Spiridonova
  • Henri Solomon Stern
  • Elizabeth M Swanson
  • Jeremy Henry Marcelo
Inducted 2020
  • Teresia Chu Fan Chen
  • Justin Mark Daniels
  • Rodney B. Herenton Jr.
  • Angelica Jopling
  • Wyatt Robert Frederic Leaf
  • Andrew Warren Lokay
  • Jeremy Henry Marcelo
  • Isabel Michel
  • Logan Michael Posey
  • Sophie Regan
  • Lucia Sterling Simpson
  • Alexandra MacDonald Taylor
  • Ziyi Wang
  • Han Xu
  • Aleeza Yu
Inducted 2019
  • Megan Haines
  • Clara Romani
  • Laura Sussman
  • Grace Taylor
  • Alexander Trivella
  • Riya Verma
  • Zora Zambezi Williams
Inducted 2018
  • Rachel Deane Hirshman
  • Madeline MacLeod
  • Dillon Rose Schoen
  • Jack Swiggett
  • Minjia Zhong
  • Lena Emelyn Zlock
Inducted 2017
  • Kaitlyn Gee
  • Sonia Gonzalez
  • Peter Kalambayi
  • Kate Kirby
  • Maxine Nesbitt
  • Marija Petkovic
  • Heath Michael Rojas