German language program at Stanford

enables students to live, work, study and research in German-speaking countries/places


About the Program

The German Language Program at Stanford is amongst the most ambitious language programs in the country. The program is informed through the most current research in second language acquisition and continually proppelling forward through the extraordinary talents and abilities of Stanford students.

The principal goal is to enhance students academic program and enable them to live, work, study and research in German-speaking countries/places.

The German Language program offers a variety of options for Stanford students with diverse interests and backgrounds.

First-Year German

In the first-year Gerlang program, students learn German through a rigorous interactive and participatory daily program for the 10-week length of each quarter. In this way students acquire functional and appropriate skills to successfully use their German in a broad array of social, professional and cultural contexts.

Second-Year German

In our second-year program, students further refine their language skills and develop proficiency for studying-abroad, partaking in an internship, researching, or working in a German-speaking country/place as well as further academic and professional endeavors in German. Preparation for these ends is realized with an increased focus on presentational discourse and an emphasis on upper-level language registry.

Coordinator and Lecturers

Paul Nissler

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