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First-Year German


In the first-year Gerlang program, students learn German through a rigorous interactive and participatory daily program for the 10-week length of each quarter. In this way students acquire functional and appropriate skills to successfully use their German in a broad array of social, professional and cultural contexts.

Program objectives revolve around three key axes:

Interpersonal Objectives: Interacting with others in order to

  • ask and answer questions
  • express likes and dislikes
  • exchange opinions
  • talk about people, places, experiences, and events

Interpretive Objectives: Understanding German in

  • Social interactions that students themselves can engage in
  • Readings
  • television, radio, audio internet and oral presentations

Presentational Objectives: Using academic/upper registry language in

  • giving rehearsed oral presentations with limited reliance on notes
  • writing essays of up to 3 pages or extended internet posts
  • asking/responding to questions during formal presentations

Explicit explanations of these objectives pertaining to each of the three first-year courses can be referenced in our proficiency objectives and curricular documents.

We also offer our first-year Gerlang sequence in an intensive version in the summer:

Gerlang 1A
Gerlang 2A

Gerlang 11P is an independent study program in German Language.  Please contact Dr. Bill Petig for further information at:

Gerlang 10 is a course designed for seniors and graduate students to acquire only reading knowledge for Ph.D. or other exam. .  Please contact Dr. Bill Petig for further information at:

For further information on Gerlang courses, please click on the Courses tab above or contact the coordinator.

Tentative Fall course syllabi can be viewed below: