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The Special Language Program (SLP) offers Stanford students the opportunity to study a Less Commonly Taught Language (LCTL).  Students enroll in SLP courses because of their interest in a geographic area and its people, or in order to acquire valuable skills for field work and study abroad during their academic career.  Others study a LCTL to fulfill their requirements or to obtain a minor in Modern Languages.  Many of the students who take LCTL are connected to it through heritage and they find it a unique opportunity to enhance their knowledge.  

SLP classes are usually small and they offer opportunities for individualized learning.   Instructors create specialized, proficiency-based curriculum and facilitate self-paced instruction with a learner-centered approach.  Students learn how to break linguistic and cultural barriers through opportunities for active learning, the use of authentic text and materials, and innovative uses of technology.

In addition to the current language offerings, students can request a language by filling out the form on the Request a Language page.  Requests for the following academic year should be submitted by Spring Quarter of the current academic year.

Languages Offered for Academic Year 2021-2022: 

  • American Sign Language (ASL) (First- and Second-year)
  • Cherokee (First-year)
  • Czech (First-year)
  • Dutch (Third-year)
  • Filipino (First- and Second-year)
  • Gujarati (First-year)
  • Hatian Creole (First-year)
  • Hawaiian (First-year)
  • Hindi (First-, Second- and Third-year)
  • Hittite (First-year)
  • Hungarian (First-year)
  • Khmer (First-year)
  • Lakota (First-year)
  • Modern Greek (Second-year)
  • Nahuatl (First- and Second-year)
  • Navajo (First-year)
  • Polish (First-year)
  • Punjabi (Second-year)
  • Quechua (First-year)
  • Romanian (First-year)
  • Sanskrit (First-year)
  • Tibetan (First-year)
  • Ukrainian (First-year)
  • Urdu (First-year)
  • Vietnamese (First- and Second-year)